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Ambassador Sun Xianghua's Remarks at the Hand-over Ceremony to Masowe and Lesia Middle school by China-Lesotho Fund for People-People Friendship Acts

(Dr. Sun Xianghua, Ambassador of China in Lesotho, Feb.22, 2018)



May I start by paying my respect to H.M. King Letsie III, and the Right Honorable Prime Minister Dr.MotsohaeThomas Thabane, with all protocols observed.

Hon.Dr. Ntoi Rapapa, Minister of Education and training,

Dear compatriots and members of the China-Lesotho Fund for people-people Friendship Action Fund,

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen,


Today, the China-Lesotho People-people Friendship Action Fund has come once again to Masowe high school and Lesia high school, as it has done in the past 3 years to donate bursaries to 40 students in these two schools. First of all, I must take this opportunity to express our heart-felt appreciation to the Action Fund and the Chinese community for their gallant action.


 Education is the wisest and most rewarding investment in the world. In China, we have a saying that education is a hundreds-year project which must be given top priority. In African Union's Agenda 2063, education is listed as one of the most important issue to tackle with so that to build an Africa that we want. Education also tops the working agenda of the Lesotho government. For this reason, the China-Lesotho People-to-People Friendship Action Fund's contribution and assistance to the education to the 40 disadvantaged students is also an important support to Lesotho Government's efforts to develop its education.


It's my sincere hope that, by receiving the assistance which came at the beginning of a new semester, the students will be able to continue their studies for this year, and many parents' worries and sleepless nights will be put behind. My dear students, quality education at teenage time has profound implications to your life, and it only comes once in your whole life. In a certain way, it will decide what kind of person you will become in the future, and what kind of role you can play in the society. I sincerely hope all of you will fully utilize this golden period of your school-life to prepare and equip yourselves with knowledge for a better Lesotho.


Dear colleagues, distinguished guests, teachers and students, the world today is undergoing profound changes. Economic globalization is progressing at unprecedented pace and the whole world in becoming a small earth village. Countries, no matter big or small, can't develop without close interactions with other countries. In this age of international communication, collaboration and  cooperation, we need more quality education and high-caliber talents, in order to fully explore and develop our economic potentials, compete in the world markets, learn from others and develop ourselves.


Over the years, education has been an important area for China-Lesotho cooperation. Among the infrastructure development programs that we have carried out in Lesotho, we have made sure that construction of schools must be given a special attention, with the China-Lesotho Friendship Middle School at Thuate being the latest embodiment. Over the years, the Chinese community and the Chinese Embassy in Lesotho also do whatever they can to provide financial support to the students who have difficulty in paying the tuition fees. Thousands of Basotho students across the countries have been supported this way. In last year alone, more than 235 Basotho school boys and girls have received bursary assistance from the Chinese community in Lesotho. Meanwhile, China has become one of the largest training program providers to Basotho. Every year, more than 300 Basotho go to China for training in a wide range of courses. And more than 30 Basotho go to study in China sponsored by Chinese government scholarships. I hope one day you will become one of them.


Bonme le Bontate, the year 2018 is a very important year for China-Africa cooperation. In September, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will hold a Summit in Beijing. The Chinese and African leaders will meet and discuss the measures and plans for years to come. In the 3 years since the last Summit of FOCAC in Johannesburg, our two countries have worked closely to carry out extensive cooperation, covering the areas of infrastructure, public health, agriculture and food security, capacity building, etc. China has become one of the biggest providers of investments, technical assistance and grants to Lesotho. It's my strong belief that China-Lesotho will further benefit from the new measures of the coming Summit and bring more tangible benefits to our two countries and peoples in the future.


It would be remiss of me not to use this opportunity to thank the Chinese community again for today's donation. It is very fair to say that to survive and develop in a foreign country is not easy task at all. Over the years, the Chinese community has not only developed businesses and enterprises in Lesotho, but also increasingly contributed to Lesotho's social and economic development. They would not have done so if they don't treat Lesotho as the home away from home. I therefore hope that our Basotho friends and the Lesotho government will continue to render your valuable support to the Chinese community, so that they will make more contribution to this lovely country.


Last but not least, I shall use this opportunity to thank the Honorable Ministers for attending today's function. Your presence today is just another embodiment that the Lesotho government attaches great importance to the education cause, and also to developing China-Lesotho brotherly relations.


Thank you all!


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