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Ambassador Sun Xianghua's Remarks on the Exchange Letter Ceremony of Technical Cooperation for Parliament Building and National Convention Center

        On 13 July 2017, the above mentioned ceremony was held in the Embassy of People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Lesotho, Maseru. Full text of Ambassador Sun's remarks is as follows:


This year, the Nthabiseng National Convention Centre is 20 years old, while the Parliament building turns 5 years old. Since they were completed and handed over to the government of Lesotho as precious gifts from the Chinese government and people to the government and people of Lesotho, they have become landmark architectures of Maseru and Lesotho, and have also become the symbols of China-Lesotho friendship, decorating the awe-striking horizon of the capital of this mountain kingdom.


Architectures can't talk, yet by seeing these two buildings, it's as if we are hearing many touching stories of friendship between China and Lesotho. These two buildings are not alone. Not far away from them, there are the National Library and Archive, the China-Lesotho Friendship Middle-school on Thuate Plateau(I just learnt that the school will receive its first group of students next month if everything goes as planned), and the just completed New State House which will soon be handed over to Lesotho government. All of them, and I believe there will be many more to come in the future, have become telling monuments of China-Lesotho brotherly relations, and they are the children of friendship between our two countries and two peoples.


Distinguished guests, just now I exchanged the letters of agreement for the technical support cooperation of the Parliament Building and National Convention Centre between our two governments. In the coming 3 years until 2020, an 11 member technical team of China will work among us. They will transfer the operating and maintenance skills to the Basotho trainees, meanwhile they will help to maintain the two buildings' major equipment, and also upgrade some of the facilities, including the stage-lighting systems and catering facilities in the Convention Centre. With their work and expertise, the two buildings will be kept in optimal conditions and continue to play an even more important role in Lesotho's political, cultural, and economic life. It's my sincere wish that 3 years later, our Basotho brothers will take over these buildings and continue to take good care of these embodiment of China-Lesotho friendship.


On this occasion, I sincerely call upon the technical team of China to do their best to keep these two building in an excellent and even better condition, to word with and train their Basotho counterparts in their best capability, so that when you finish your work here and go back to China, you know these valuable and special buildings are in safe and capable hands.


Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, lastly, I would like to use this opportunity to pay my respects and tributes to all of you who have been contributing to China-Lesotho relations.  Ever since China and Lesotho resumed their diplomatic relations, each and every governments of Lesotho have attached great importance to developing China-Lesotho cooperation. This cooperation is based on and characterized by mutual respects, equality, sincerity and win-win orientation. It's Chinese government's sincere intention and solemn pledge to develop China-Lesotho friendship into a fine model of relations between countries regardless of their size and population. On this occasion, my gratitude and appreciation goes especially to my colleagues in the Ministry of Foregin Affairs of Lesotho. Through their hard work and valuable coordination, a satisfactory and conducive political environment has been created, and a deep political mutual trust has been established between our two countries, without which it will be very challenging for our comprehensive cooperation in all sectors to achieve the concrete results what we see today. My appreciation also goes to Hon. Minister Aumane and the Ministry of Development Planning. Over the years, we have established a very cordial working relation and deep mutual understanding, which has and will continue to help us push forward our practical cooperation.   


Dear colleagues, this year of 2017 is a crucial year in implementing the outcomes of the 2015 Johannesburg Summit of the Forum of China- Africa Cooperation. We must race against time to carry out the major cooperation projects under FOCAC in order to bring tangible benefits to Basotho. This year also marks the beginning of new chapter of Lesotho's history, with a new government led by His Right Hon. Thomas Thabane coming into office. We fully understand the new government's strong resolve to develop Lesotho's social and economic cause at a faster pace. It's my sincere hope and also my strong belief that, with our stronger joint efforts, we will carry out more extensive cooperation in all the fields of its social and economic development, we will implement at an early date the important projects under FOCAC, and we will push China-Lesotho friendship to a new high.


With that, I conclude my a few remarks. Thank you all!

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